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Busy Mom

I think you should be 3.14159265. You could be known as 3.14 informally. It was nice to meet you, you guys did a great job directing people and weeding out potential stalkers.

Chris Wage

I'm with Busy Mom. You could just be Blogger π, or Blogger e

Chicks dig irrational numbers.

muffy wong

SO good to see you guys last night, very honored to get a picture.

And to #1 & #2, thanks very very very much for my gift. I heart it!

Oh and it's called a sandwich board. All you were missing was a bell to ring while you walked through the room.

Bitsy and I got a kick out of the "Single Girlz Pls"


yeah, the shirt I got from Jacob's Posse rocks. I will wear it with pride and have my picture taken with girls in it.

Also, are you guys aware that Jill from She Said What has started using "JP" as her signature for her comments? That could cause some confusion.


I wanna T-shirt! You need to have a JP store and sell merchendise, Tshirt for 20$, stickers for 5....
I would buy 1 or 2 or 30 tshirts


This Jill better change her name. It has caused confusion.


Well, I wish I'd mentioned it to her last night at dinner. I'll take care of this guys.

muffy wong




I read your blog, and I think it's plenty interesting. Fine job working the door, by the way.


We have featured you guys on our site today. You will hit at about 3:45 Nashville time. You did an excellent job at Wolfy's.

eh? you know.

that's pretty weird that mr. risen's fiance has a blog and is known as the saucy librarian. does mr. risen know that?


"and made rex mad" I think made mad sex is better^)


Dude the name change would be cool, 3.14..... ok e..... yea that would work but think about (i) cause i is the imaginary number.


thanks for the article. It was very ineresting for me.

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